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Get Your NDIS Funding Sorted With Our Plan Management Service At Support Chain

NDIS participants have three choices when it comes to managing their NDIS Plan Management funding. This includes letting the Agency, or NDIA manage their funding, making themselves their own fund manager, or having a Plan Manager do most of the work.

Support Chain takes pride in being one of the leading support coordination providers in Melbourne. Apart from NDIS support coordination, specialist support coordination, and NDIS support work services, we also take pride in our support plan management that can be tailored to help you thrive. Below, learn more about what this support entails.

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As one of the trusted and leading NDIS registered providers in Melbourne, we always make it a point that every participant will get the most out of their NDIS budget through our plan management services.

If you are not familiar with plan management, try picturing an accountant whose role is to assist you in paying your taxes. In a way, that is the role of a plan manager, only that the NDIS, or the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), is the one shouldering the funding.

A good plan manager will help you understand the nitty-gritty aspects of managing your plan because we can help you deal with all of that on your behalf. A good NDIS plan manager can also offer personalised support to navigate your funding package while ensuring you have a local support network of providers.

Why Choose Support Chain As Your NDIS Plan Management Provider?

Here at Support Chain, you can be assured that we fully understand that each NDIS participant comes from various walks of life, and each has their personal story and needs. Thus, you can expect that every plan we create and manage for you is tailored according to their individual needs and preferences.

One thing to note about our service is that we go out of our way to ensure you get the most out of your NDIS funding. We also ensure that we will explain every aspect of your plan that is unclear to you and make sure your NDIS experience is not as complicated and overwhelming as most NDIS participants would assume upon starting.

Here is a rundown of why you should get us as your service provider for your NDIS plan management.

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We will let you personalise your support plan management by allowing you to choose the services that come with it.


We provide expert advice, develop strategies to achieve objectives, and resolve various issues with your NDIS plan.


While you have chosen a plan manager to manage your NDIS plan for you, this does not mean that you will no longer have control of your plan. You can choose to approve your invoices and access your budget information in an easy-to-read, understandable format as we manage your funds consistently and transparently.

We manage your funds consistently and transparently, giving you access to your budget information in easily read, understandable formats.

Plan Management Careview Software

We use Careview as our software of choice for Plan Management, by doing this we can provide you greater transparency when it comes to your funding.

As part of this you will get access to Careview Advantage, an easy setup mobile app.


Through the use of Careview Advantage, you will be able to:

Jumpstart Your NDIS Plan Management Today With Support Chain

Should you want to get started with our NDIS plan management services, do not hesitate to reach out to our expert and friendly team, who can answer and attend to all your plan management needs.

So, if you are worried about who can manage your claims, file payments, and handle other administrative work related to your NDIS budget, look no further because we at Support Chain can help you out. Regardless of whether you want complete control of the services, we can still be of assistance.

Support Chain does not only take pride in offering a range of NDIS services, but we also have extensive NDIS experience to back them up. Get in touch with us today by calling on 0417 498 862 or emailing [email protected] to get your NDIS plan started.

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F.A.Q About NDIS Plan Management

There are three possible ways to manage your NDIS funding: NDIA management, self-management, and plan management. Plan management involves a NDIS plan manager who will handle your NDIS funds and pay your bills on your behalf. And be it assistance with daily life and coordination of support, plan management is also a way to sort through the supports and services you need to pursue your NDIS goals.

To include plan management in your NDIS plan, you can ask for plan management before your NDIS planning meeting. You have to inform the NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator (LAC) of your intention to opt for plan management.

Yes, you can switch to Support Chain for plan management either from a different plan management provider or another method of managing your NDIS funding. The process of switching from a provider is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  • Inform the NDIS via 1800 800 110 to express your wish to change your NDIS plan manager.
  • Contact Support Chain to complete the necessary paperwork for registration.
  • Get in touch with the current plan manager and inform them of your decision.
  • Wait for the coordination between your previous and new plan managers to ensure a smooth switch.

Plan management is one of the ways you can maximise your NDIS funds since plan managers can give you sound advice on how to control your plan funds, provide professional budget management, and assist in the overall navigation around the NDIS.

We at Support Chain will always go above and beyond to help you maximise your NDIS budget. We can help NDIS participants clear up any confusion about their plan and make the whole NDIS process far less daunting than first-time participants would anticipate.